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I have been fascinated with the designers' processes. So I am writing a book about it.

My latest co-created publication, "It's Creative and Works" - and the journey behind interviewing 100 tech enthusiastic designers, their process and how they launch world changing products.
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It's Creative and Works
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I started my careeer sneaking out to the local Burger King designing websites for two suppliers that worked for my father (he owned a construction company). There were two things I learned working out of BK: 1) No idea can be solved without talking to end users (ask the baristas, cashier or cooks what they think). 2) Every brand or design deliverable will always be evolving. Production is a growing mastery, and the difference between senior and junior designers, isn't experience, it is the speed of production. 

Once you have mastered the craft, you will find that as creators, we live in the greatest of times. Today, we have nearly every tool that allows us to conceive of worlds not yet imagined. We can create nearly everything. 

I’ve been there with the teams that have tried, and the nights that I can't sleep, are the nights that we have gotten close, pushing boundaries towards the unknown. And then we launch. We sit anxiously awaiting users to hold the brand in their hands; or scrolling down,- identifying themselves using this disrupting solution.

The landscape of product design is wider than ever. The road will always be a messy one, but the outcome; the launch; the reveal; the emotion of the team when they see a user smile: Is something that us as creators are addicted too.

If this is something your team is doing, or your looking to revitilize your existing brand- invite me, and lets take it to the next level - Start your project.

As of 2018, I am working full time with an amazing startup in Arkansas called, Engine, creating a new eCommerce platform that drive results while promoting brands worth remembering. As a SaaS company by nature, we are working on creating an eCommerce platform unlike any seen before. Employed since middle of 2018, I Lead Design with tasks include: team management, client management, prototyping, UI UX, Art Direction, Interface & Product Design. Check out

Because of the emergence of visual code editing, designers have more power than ever to create production ready code. The year of 2020 will mark the age of visual code development. The Pixel Company is on the cutting edge of this technology, launching PixelCreator in late 2018 with hopes to create a Visual IDE for designers and developers. This no-code option will serve as an HTML, CSS, JS based editor, with integration from all of your favorite third parties such as Wordpress, Godaddy and Figma. Co-founder, Software Design, Brand, Web and Project Management. Checkout

Digital Computer Arts has been my baby since 2014. Started as a magazine, this now digital blog has over 100 interviews of digital creatives, tools, tips and opinions for why designers have more power than ever to change the world. Founder, Writer, Designer, Web, Brand, UI, UX. Checkout

Working with Denver based marketing agency, called Junto has been a rewarding experience for over 3 years and has provided me with a foundation of knowledge about design, client management and project development. This year, I was lucky enough to be able to be head designer for their new site set to launch in 2018. Freelance designer, Art Direction, Brand, Web Design, UI UX. Checkout

Cultivating History

Established in 1903, The Ironworks Building was included in the Midwest Steel and Ironworks Complex. Ironworks at one time provided the drafting needs for the metal fabrication next door (Mile High Station). After 60 years of being untouched and undeveloped, a new dawn was planned for this building. Branding, Web, Interior Design and 3D Visualization. Check out

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